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Acido Surtido in Tokyo, Japan.
Magazine Library was presented in the Futur Culture Festival, dedicated to showing art, film, publishing, fashion and food, through exhibitions, motion, a library of magazines, a film festival, a clothing store and an art project. At a house in Hiroo, Tokyo, during the month of June. More details and photos in http://www.flickr.com/photos/futur_cultur/sets/72157626863351687/

Avant Premiere Cinema at the End | A film by Merit
Authors of the film Deconstructing Acid, Acido Surtido recommend Cinema at the End a film by Meritxell Soler and Julian Vazquez. Debut September 1, 2011, in Cosmos, Avenida Corrientes 2046. According to the synopsis Cinema at the End is a documentary of creation that draws on the road-movie format. Meritxell Soler, co-director of the play, travels from his home village in Catalunya to the south through Argentina in search of the latest movies. Old theaters are not used as such rooms to hang up the closed sign, old theaters in danger and abandoned cinemas are some places Soler containers stories shows along their particular trip. The state rooms takes the protagonist to reflect on the immortality of the film, an art in progress and will continue to exist beyond the physical space. Meritxell, its star and director: I was always attracted to the idea to the limit, perhaps want to find out you can always go further, and that reality can be an endless horizon. The film is undeniably travel, transmit and feel. Cinema at the End is my journey, and film is the means of transport which in turn may be the personal journey each one unique. Thats the magic of cinema. Actors and fans travel together in our story, resulting in that film still exists in us all, forever. During the first week, the film will remain on display on Friday, Saturday and Sunday between the hours of 20 hours next week, on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, between the hours of 18 hours. We wait!
More details of the film:
The movie site
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The site of Julian Vazquez
El sitio de Meritxell Soler

Deconstructing acido in Ecuador
From 23 to June 30 the film Deconstructing Acid, directed by Julián Vázquez, was presented in Muvica, Ecuador first festival focusing on the world of design, music and visual art perspective. They were three days of documentaries, short films and videos both international and local. In a field of projections, conferences, workshops and parties, as well as the projection of the film, is an exhibit where you could see all editions of the magazine. A true visual and cultural fest for the ecuadorian public. More information in www.muvica.com

New pair of Acido Surtido
Acido Surtido # 22 Par was featured on Monday July 11, 2011 in Bar Guebara, in the neighborhood of San Telmo. Faced with a tight crowd of people Charlie Desidney brought his songs, while Julian Vazquez portrayed all for a video that accompanies the online edition. The site Muy Rico Todo reviews all.

Deconstructing Acid in Ecuador
The film "Deconstructing Acid" will be shown at Muvica, First Documentary Festival of Design, Music and Art, Ecuador. Organized by MUCA, this annual event will happen in the cities of Guayaquil and Quito, Tuesday, 28 July to 3, 2011. It will feature screenings of local and international documentaries, video clips and animation directors and designers from around the world and a full program of conferences, workshops, exhibitions and evening activities that complement the festival. More details in http://www.muvica.com and http://www.facebook.com/muvica